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Signals is an award-winning film and video production company based in the heart of Essex.

We have over 30 years of experience in creating high production value commercials, events, corporate, documentary and drama.

Our client base spreads all across the UK handled by our team of passionate industry veterans.

Whether it’s documenting an event or creating an inspiring film, our experienced team are experts in storytelling and creating the best content for your organisation.

We’ll work with you from the initial concept right through to delivery, ensuring the highest production values and ultimately the best possible film for your organisation.


Concept: Realising your concept is super important to our team, we will meet with you to discuss your ideas and how best to execute them.

Scripting: Our dedicated team will then take your ideas and turn them into a real living script, hand it over to you for adjustments and then start the visualisation

Storyboarding: At this stage, we draw up some ideas so you get a visual sense of what the films going to look like, once you’re happy we continue.

Casting: No films complete without a storyteller, whether its onscreen talent, voice-over or presenter we can work with you to ensure your brand is on point.

Planning: The last thing to do is lock shooting dates and times and we will sort the rest.


We work with the best production equipment and teams to ensure expert quality films. Rain or shine our versatile team will work round the clock to make the best productions every time we’re in or out of our studio. Our production team can deliver content for multiple media types such as feature film, TV broadcast, and online in stunning 4k resolution across a wide variety of genres, languages and channels.


Post-production is where it all comes together, our talented edit teams will take all the raw footage from our production shoot and edit them together, adding colour, sound, music and motion graphics to give you a state of the art video.

Once we have created a final video, we send it over to you to view and make notes then we work with you to ensure the final product is exactly how you want.


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