FREE Online Animation and Video Game Making Guides

Signals has cancelled all our forthcoming Easter holiday workshops, BUT we’re happy to say that all our workshop guides are now FREE for you to use at home!

Every school holiday we run a variety of exciting digital creative workshops, including animation, filmmaking and video game making. Given the ongoing health situation we’ve cancelled all our 2020 Easter holiday workshops however, we want to make sure you can still have some fun at home so we’ve put together this selection of workshop guides for you to follow.

Why not share some of your finished work with us we would love to see your ideas.

This is a tough time for artists and charitable organisations like ourselves. Signals receives no core funding and relies solely on grant applications and personal donations to deliver our work. If you would like to use our workshop guides we ask for a small donation to help us continue our work.

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Arcade Maze Game, 7+

Code your own maze game with multiple levels, cool power ups and custom artwork – for ages 7 and up. Mazes are a great game to make in Scratch, for either new comers or pros. In this guide you’ll learn to design a custom map and then code the game to send you back to the start if you touch the walls or one of the enemy sprites.

Click here to make your own maze game

Historical Video Game Remixing, 9+

Remix these popular Scratch games to tell your own story from any point in history. Scratch’s remix feature is an excellent way of showing interative design, allowing you to customise existing code and communicate your own ideas by building on top of someone else ideas.

Click here to make a video game about your favourite moment in history

Film in a Day, 11+

Experiment with lights, cameras and sound equipment to make your very own short film. From script to screen, all in a day. With our guidance we’ll show how you can use everyday resources and free editing software to take your films to the next level.

Click here to learn how to write, shoot and edit your own short film

Watch our livestream on Tuesday 14th April at 10am on our facebook page here.

Game in a Day, 11+

Learn game design using Construct 3. Design, prototype and play test your very own 2D game under the expert guidance of our game design tutors. Construct 3 is a powerful game design engine that allows you to make games for phones, tablets, computers and games consoles- so presents a fantastic opportunity to take your game skills to the next level.

Click here to make your own 2D platformer game

Watch our livestream on Wednesday 15th April at 10am on our Facebook page here.

Stop Motion Animation, 7+

Make miniature sets and characters, and animate your own short film. If you can imagine it, we’ll help you animate it! Using a range of artist materials such as card, paint and modelling clay, you can create a short animated film with free animation software.

Click here to learn how to animate a film at home

Watch our livestream on Thursday 16th April at 10am on our Facebook page here.

Video Game Making, 7+

Learn how to pop balloons, splat flies or even catch hearts with our web cam video game guide, for ages 7+! Scratch is the perfect way to learn the basics of programming, and is used in schools throughout the country.

Click here to make your own webcam video game

Watch our livestream on Friday 17th April at 10am on our Facebook page here.

Keep in touch

We know it can be hard to stay focused at home, so throughout the Easter holidays we’ll be manning our social media channels so you can get in touch to ask questions and show us all the exciting projects you’ve made.

Additionally, we’ll be live streaming our workshop guides in the mornings throughout Easter so you can follow along at home or work at your own pace by using our guides linked above.


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