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Signals is an award-winning organisation with many years experience of delivering education projects and workshops. Working extensively in schools we create bespoke programmes to meet the pupils’ needs. Our film and animation projects are often cross-curricular, e.g. using film to focus on history, literacy, maths or science.

We aim to increase understanding of and participation in, media and work with all ages and abilities from primary schools through to students in higher education and professionals.

We use digital media for social, education and creative outcomes. We know that film can spark debate, inspire and motivate participants and we have great success and experience of working with disadvantaged and hard to reach groups, and to help raise PHSE topics.

We work in schools delivering skills workshops and also larger projects that can help tackle issues such as bullying, mental health and healthy lifestyles.

We have created many short films that are now used as resources in schools such as ‘Be a Little Boulder’ – a short animation used during anti-bullying week. More examples of our projects and resources are available in the ‘links and resources’ section below.

Filmmaking includes many elements such as technology, media, creative writing and performance as well as craft and art skills. As an Arts Award Centre, we can deliver Arts Awards accreditation on longer projects.

CPD Training

We can provide bespoke tuition, support INSET training and Continuing Professional Development for teachers, youth workers and artists. We regularly work in schools and understand some of the issues that teachers face in keeping up to date with new software and production equipment and methods. We provide training in production, help to develop digital innovation and share best practice.

For more information about this please call 01206 560255 or email

Learning Resources

We are currently developing teaching packs to accompany some of our films. However in the meantime you are still welcome to use our films at no charge to promote discussion on themes such as bulling, fear, body image and homelessness. If you would like some more information on the films please contact us and we will be happy to help.

BullyingBe a Little Boulder
Body ImagePaper Dolls
HomelessnessWe Are Human Too
Ecology Time Report
FearThe FEAR of Daniel Jones
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